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  • 39th NIPM Foundation Day - 15th March 2021
  • 39th NIPM Foundation Day - 15th March 2021

Code of Ethics

  • Subscribe to the aims and objects of the National Institute Of Personnel Management and be bound by its constitution.
  • Recognise and accept the dignity of an individual as human being, irrespective of religion, language, caste or creed
  • Maintain high standard of integrity and behaviour demanded by the profession
  • Conduct myself as a responsible member of the management team committed to the achievement of the organisational goals
  • Take keen interest in the establishment of healthy Human Resource practices and development of the profession
  • Try to win confidence and gain respect of the employers, employees and all stakeholders and make myself available to them to provide formal and informal intervention to resolve industrial conflicts
  • Endeavour to enhance the good name of my profession in dealing with other professional bodies, government departments, and employers’ and employees’ organisations.
  • Cooperate in maximising the effectiveness of the profession by exchanging freely information and experience with other members
  • Not allow any interest other than professional to interfere with my official work
  • Not interfere with the right of association of the employees
  • Not disclose any information of a confidential nature that I may acquire in the course of my professional work without obtaining the consent of those concerned and shall not use confidential information for personal gains.
  • Not accept or offer any improper gratification in any form or manner whatsoever in connection with or in the course of my professional work.
  • Not take or acquiesce in any such action which may bring the Institute and/or the profession into disrepute.